Heyran Road(Astara-Ardabil) as Tourist Attraction

Heyran Cut or Heyran Road

Heyran in Persian means Amazed and Heyran Road is Tourist Attraction between Astara and Ardabil. Travel does not start at destination. The road is the most important part of the journey that starts and ends our good memories. The Heyran Dam is located on the route of the Astara-Ardabil route. This village, along with the village Vanehbin, Haji Amir bala and Haji Amir-e-paieen, are protected areas of Guilan province. On the one hand, overlooking the mountains covered with massive forests, and on the one side overlooking the not-so-deep valley through which the Astarachai River crosses.

Beautiful Heyran Road

Astonished Road

About the Heyran Road and area

This road is often covered by a fog .Naturally, the valleys and its foothills are covered with forest and pasture plants and grasses. The Heyran road is not so high and its height is the highest point of the water surface only about 1500 meters. In fact, the main cause of the fog is almost the constant glint of the humidity of the Caspian Sea, not the high altitude of this road.

This road has its name from the green and beautiful village that is on the road. In the northwest of the country, there is a road on the mountain side connecting the two cities of Ardabil and Astara. About 35 km from this road, right from Astara to the city of Namin Ardabil, the road becomes a heavenly attraction. The area where many travelers are just to see the scenery on the road.

The dreamy and beautiful path of the heyran road is from one side overlooking the mountains covered with massive forests and on the other hand overlooking a not-so-deep valley through which the Aras passes and determines the border between Iran and Azerbaijan. The Heyran road are often hidden under the clouds from the fog.

Every day is the best time for going to Heyran

This area has its own specialties every season. But the best season is from mid-May to late September. Of course, this also depends on the air temperature and your good luck. Because, for example, you may travel to this area in July and take a moment to return to and rescue from air humidity.

In autumn, trees in this area come in different colors. In the winter, due to the presence of heavy fog and heavy rainfall in the snow, the heavens are closed. Winter temperatures occasionally drop to minus 23 degrees below this point. Strange and incredibly cool.

Heyran Tourist village, telecabin and sledging

Heyran tourist village

Due to the popularity of the people of Heyran, the village of Heyran Tourism was built for the benefit of most travelers. This village is a place to relax and have fun. You can enjoy hours of enjoyment by using its amenities.

Heyran Telecabin

The most popular part of the tourist village is its telecabin. Just walk a few meters from the ground to reveal the most beautiful parts of the road as well as the forest sections of Azerbaijan under your feet. The start of the telecabin is from the hectic zone and its end in the Fandoglu Forest. We recommend that you do not miss this part of the busy tourist village.

Sled rails of Heyran

By choosing a sled, you can reach about 1500 km in the heart of the mountains covered with forest. The cabins are single and you can control the speed.

Meshend village, a memorable taste of local dairy products

The meshend village is located 18 km from Astara road to Ardabil, and the meaning of the Mesh in the language of the Taleshi means the bee, and the meshend means the place of the bees, this village with a beautiful nature is one of the most beautiful places. Be sure of local dairy people Buy meshend to help both the rural economy and organic food.

Fandoglu Forest, Chamomile flower garden

Because the forest is at an altitude, it has a cool and pleasant climate. The reason for naming this area is the existence of many hazelnut trees that are located at short distances. This area is also a land of beautiful and unique flowers. The most important of these flowers are lily cheesecloth and chamomile. The Fandoglu also has a water spa pool, where you can get rid of it.

Suggestion when you are in heyran road

On the way to the road, you will see a lot of souvenirs for many local shops, whose colors and smells make you tempted to buy. Our suggestion is to capture this temptation and try the taste of dairy, honey, wild hazelnuts, red raspberries and local lemons.