Best Roads in Iran

Heyran road of Ardabil and Gilan

Heyran in Persian means Amazed and Heyran Road is Tourist Attraction between Astara and Ardabil. Travel does not start at destination. The road is the most important part of the journey that starts and ends our good memories. The Heyran Dam is located on the route of the Astara-Ardabil route. This village, along with the village Vanehbin, Haji Amir bala and Haji Amir-e-paieen, are protected areas of Guilan province. On the one hand, overlooking the mountains covered with massive forests, and on the one side overlooking the not-so-deep valley through which the Astarachai River crosses.

Chalus road of Tehran and Mazandaran

Road 59 , which is most famously known as the Chalus road as Tourist Attraction, starts from the city of Karaj in the province of Alborz and ends in the city of Chalus in Mazandaran. There are various narratives about the exceptional and eye-catching of this route and its global rank. Some see this road as the most beautiful road in the world, and in another it is considered the fourth most beautiful road in the world.

Asalem khalkhal road of Gilan and Ardabil

If you are a traveler from the north of Iran and you are planning to visit cities like Asalem and Khalkhal during part of your trip, I promise you that you will soon enter the amazing road called Behesht(heaven) Route. Asalem to Khalkhal tourist road, which is the most dreamy forest road in Iran, is located in the north of the country and connects Asalem city in Gilan province to Khalkhal city in Ardabil province. Although this forest route has a very beautiful and eye-catching nature, it is less known and this has caused it to remain pristine and untouched.

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Top beautiful roads in Iran

The diverse climate has made the country have beautiful roads to explore. The most beautiful roads in Iran have gone a step further and have become a destination for tourism, some of which are just going to watch the road. Here are some of the most beautiful roads in crosses.